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Mindfulness is being aware of the present moment's experience and feelings. If we do practices, that don't let our thoughts wander away, then we are practicing mindfulness. This makes us more focused and efficient in whatever we do (work, study, sport, art... Everything!)

Mindfulness can be achieved through various practices.

At ShineWithHealth, we can guide you on the following practices:

Meditation, Breathwork, Qigong, Tai Chi.


Through Meditation we explore and observe our various senses and emotions, concentrating on fewer (or more successfully just one) at a time. This helps in training the brain to focus and feel. We can use visualizations to ease the process.


Through Breathwork we practice focusing on our inhalation, exhalation and breath-holding. We train our brain to value the breathing process and feel intently the sensations inside our body during each moment of breathing, thus making us more aware of our most important biological process.


Qigong has mindful meditative movements, standing in a good posture and synchronized breathing. They enable our brain to sense each and every details of bodily sensations during the movements.

Tai Chi:

Tai Chi has the features of Qigong as mentioned above. Additionally it has stepping in all directions, weight shifting, displacement and four limb coordination. All these require mind, body and soul connection and in one word mindfulness to the fullest. With regular practice of Tai Chi you get a complete package of training the brain to live in the moment and do best, in any work, with full focus and attention.

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