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Essence of Life

Life as it is -

Life is eternal. Body is a temporary vehicle, travelling in which we explore and feel the wonders of the Universe.

The ultimate essence of this life in the body is to feel the eternal energy and connect with the soul, while being in the body. So the body is our vehicle, our temple, our abode in this life on earth. So we need to take care and be sensitive to our body and feel the energy in and around us. Love yourself, love others and be loved. We all are connected and we are one. So it is necessary to feel the internal energy, which ultimately connects one to all, to the ultimate energy source, to the soul. It is complex to understand, yet it is simple to embrace.


The vicious cycle -

With all the 'so called' advancements by the intelligent beings, the 'humans', we have complicated the life journey, making it even more complicated to understand. Science has made 'discoveries', making us even more 'ignorant'. We spend our lives running after money or power or ego or what not....but we miss to seek the truth and essence of life. We are in the vicious cycle of competition and winning ...

So here we are with the 'ideal' life cycle - learn something so that you are better than others; so that you can win and

earn better than others; so that you can have a better life with a very able partner; keep working and earning money so that you can live a busy but expensive lifestyle; bring a life on this earth, give that life or child a better education than others; so that the child can again repeat the cycle which you have been through....and as the child grows up and gets busy in the same cycle, you find that you are old now, not feeling so good in your used up body and not really sure why you came to this earth ; then you just wait till the final day comes, but yet so ignorant as the day you were born.

And we claim we are the most intelligent species on this Earth....ARE WE?


Balance -

We have to have a balanced lifestyle, we should not be so lost in the rush of the life cycle, as defined by society, that we forget to take care of our own body, which is our home, our means to feel the greater good of this Universe. We should set aside some time to connect with our greater selves and be more sane and simple. There are means through which we can achieve this, however busy we are. The money, the power, the comfort will be of no use when you are old and your body is not happy or healthy. So wake up before its too late. We have limited time on this Earth, and lets not waste this phase of the journey in the mirage of modern successful life. Let us spend some time in realizing the miracles instead.

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