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Issues in life of Adults:

  • Fast lifestyle, competition, deadlines & targets, bad food habit and lack of exercise cause diseases [like diabetes, arthritis, cardiac & neural issues], chronic pains & mental tension among adults

  • Bad posture, long working hours, lack of body awareness, stress etc. affects the health, work quality, personal life and sleep quality

Tai Chi Can Help:

  • Practice anytime to control diseases:

Gentle & safe exercise of tai chi can be practiced anytime, anywhere, without any arrangements. So in the busy schedule, people can just take out 15 min time & practice anywhere daily [even at office or in a flight] to stay healthy & free from diseases like Diabetes, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Cardiac and Neural Issues

  • Improve physical health:

Slow continuous series of movements, with gentle stretching in tai chi relax all the tired body parts & improves chi or internal energy flow. This results in improved posture, strengthened inner core, reduced pain & increased physical awareness. Thus it can be your best natural pain relief medium.

  • Improve mental health:

The deep gentle breathing & muscle relaxation part  along with the intrinsic Meditation component of tai chi soothes the stressed & restless mind & body. This helps in reducing tension and, keeps one calm & happy, resulting in improvement of the overall mental health, along with sleep quality. Through Tai Chi practice one can increase serotonin and dopamine naturally.


Tai Chi Benefits for Adults

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