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Tai Chi helps Working Adults


Fast pace, deadlines, targets, long working hours etc cause diseases, mental tension & pains.

  • The physical issues faced are related to

Posture,  Wrist & Finger,  Eyes,  Diseases

  • The mental issues faced are related to

StressWork QualityPersonal LifeSleep


Read on to know how TAI CHI can address all these issues to make our life easier, balanced and happier!



Due to long hours of sitting and bad posture at workplace we have issues like back pain and spondylitis


Slow continuous series of movements in tai chi helps to strengthen internal body muscles, corrects posture, increases flexibility and balance. This helps in back pain or spondylitis.


Continuous staring at monitors or papers give us sore eyes


Tai chi has body movements with eye-hand co-ordination, which soothes the sore eyes


Deadlines & work pressure put our mind in a constant unrest and increase our stress level


The deep and gentle breathing, slow movement and mental concentration required of individuals who practice tai chi help one to revive from the unrest & pressure & establish the yin yang balance

Personal Life

Stress & pressure makes one short tempered, depressed or anxious  &  adversely affects personal life


Practicing tai chi regularly keeps one calm & happy, which in turn helps to avoid fights on trifle issues. This improves personal relations as well

Pain in wrist & finger

Prolonged use of keyboard or mouse result in pain in fingers or wrist


The gentle stretching exercises of tai chi helps in relaxing all the tired body parts, including fingers and wrist


Lack of regular exercise, unhealthy food habits, smoking, drinking etc. lead to Diabetes, Liver problems, Cardiac issues, high blood pressure, insomnia etc


Gentle exercise of tai chi can be practiced anytime, anywhere, without any arrangements. So in the busy schedule, people can just take out 15 min time and practice even at their office space daily to stay healthy

Work Quality

The stressed mind results in diminishing our quality of work


Mind-body coordination promote calmness & give an inner sense of peace, pleasure & satisfaction. This helps in reducing stress & improving work quality


Both physical & mental discomfort due to lack of exercise & constant hectic lifestyle affects sleep quality, which then leads to the disease namely Insomnia


The muscle relaxation part  along with the intrinsic Meditation component of tai chi soothes the stressed & restless mind & body. This helps in improving the sleep quality

Work Quality
Personal Life
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