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Kartikey and Sylvia 

Tai Chi Instructors Kolkata India

To lead a healthy life, we need to strengthen & heal ourselves from within. Good news is we have self healing system inbuilt ourselves. Chinese call it 'Chi' or 'Qi', Indians call it "Prana", it means life energy, the same energy which keeps our heart pumping & continuously flows to keep us alive. Any blockage in its flow is considered as disease in Chinese medicine. 
Benefit of cultivating Chi through practicing Tai Chi is many folds, including that it magically improves health & capacity to run, walk or dance. Tai Chi is a physical exercise, low impact, safe for everyone (even to those with medical conditions) and meditative. It can be used as fibromyalgia treatment, best natural pain relief medium, arthritis pain relief medium or increase serotonin dopamine naturally. 
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Health is serenity in thoughts, balance of work, family and inner-self, it is continuous absence of diseases without medication. To achieve that one must look after the nutrition, with our modern lifestyle we are feeding ourselves and our kids less food-value food, more details in Food section.

At Shine with Health, we intend to promote the concept of holistic better health, we are not here to prescribe any supplement or medicines or even promote any, for that doctors and experts are there.
Our intention is to share ideas with which you can achieve complete freedom from those medicines and supplements. The best part about it, it is not as hard as you may be thinking right now, and you are the one who is going to do it for yourself and your family ... if we can you too can do it. Trust us! 


Our Approach to Good Health